Am I in hEavEn?

The air felt so warm and welcoming
I couldn’t figure out whether that was reality or me dreaming
I tried to look around, nothing familiar
Just the surroundings, no one did really appear
Quite sometime passed, I stood up straight
Looked around final time thought I’d wait
Patience drained out all, I was walking
The environment and nothing else seemed to do the talking
The grass, I hadn’t seen a greener one in lifetime ever
Even though with air warm, something in me left a shiver
A turn around the corner and I could see
Something that my eyes weren’t ready to believe
A thousand and more flowers of all kind
colors, shapes,sizes- I was out of my mind
I jumped from place to place, was eager to touch all
So I sat, and now all I did was crawl
My eyes wide open, they were taking in the maximum
Were eager to see what awaited them every turn
The trees so long and huge and wide
Their vastness so, attention for that it cried
I ran from tree to tree, trying to grab all I could
Everything felt so peaceful, everything felt so good
This place was too perfect to be even dreamt of
I could sense a belonging here though
A connection, weird one that appeared to me
I had no intentions of waking up if this was supposed to be a dream
The crisp and muddy smell of the wet earth
This familiarity, in me was at its dearth
I’d succumbed to the pureness of the ambiance
I had one question ticking- Am I in heaven?
Even if I was, I never wanted to let go of the sight
This place was too perfect, it was JUST right
I danced till infinite hours that were full of bliss
Its true, that one place we dream of in this world, does exist.



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