Insomnia #2

And the night hits again. Here I am, killing myself and time, unable to realise which one’s more precious and I should work on to save. It won’t be wrong if I say I miss those nights when I slept soundly with him. It now seems like a distant dream. It takes time for sleep to get me or vice versa. Sometimes it doesn’t and then I’m sitting up and playing tic tac toe with life and me. And the worst part, he knows. And it pains me more when it pains him looking at my pain. Complicated? If you look at the depth of it, you will understand, feeling that unsustainable pain,and going through it again and again. I have a lot of questions unanswered, waiting for someone to answer them is more worse. But I don’t see a way out to find them or let anyone in to solve them.

I don’t think it gets worse than this


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