Here, a word.

So, I’d continue from where i left last.
i soaked in all the energy.breathed a new life.but kept it all in me.

to be blown up the unexpected.
A sandstorm it was.
unexpected.hard to believe.but we WERE caught in it.
as our train passed through just got stronger.and stronger.
making it hard for us to breathe.
we were choked from our throats.suffocated. we’d never thought that THIS would be the way we’re welcomed.
not that we expected garlands and cheering people at the station kinda thing.but sandstorm??
my parents wouldn’t even believe later that THAT happened to me.
they’ probably think that excitement got over me.:\
there we sat.with mufflers.bedsheets.scarves.shirts.handkerchiefs.
in short ANY type.kind of a cloth piece.minimal enough to cover your nose and mouth.
thats ALL that was required by us to survive the BATTLE@!
funny, did i find the situation. let me give an insight to you.
#1> some of us were busy clicking away.being photographed in what seemed like funny attires.
#2> some breathed and fought for life as they coughed around feeling suffocated.
#3> some.the lovebirds.were.ummm.into each other.oblivious and totally ignorant of what was going around.
#4> some.who were trying to barge into the viscinites of the point #2 people.trying to make irritate them.
#5> some. point #2 were abusing the point #4 for testing the hell out of them.
AnnnnnnD finally..some.ME. who was busy looking at all of the same time feeling like one of those ali baba and the fourty thieves’s theif.riding in a train.with a bed-sheet wrapped on my mouth sitting by the window side.i dreamt of jewels.riches.moneyyyyyy.aaah!
ah! how i wish that could be fulfilled.but.i was brought into reality by all those above people.and yes.irritated.made to have fun.and not.not the lovebirds people.they were still too much in love.unbothered.oblivious.the usual.
FINALLY.we SURVIVED! and made it to the Jaisalmer station. the last.ofcourse.and the first thing we did.jumped onto the water coolers.nothing cooling.:\
it was all the more we had to save ourselves more.till the time we reached our hotel.jumped into our beds.with BOTTLES of water.and didn’t sleep the day away.but freshened up and reported to our very dear and respected Sir.

P.S.: the only thing i hate.we never get to wait.and have to keep moving our asses all the time.

what happened next.will follow up later(:


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