We climb on to another step and here’s the sixth part now! 😀 >_<

There are soo many things we would want to get once we'd found out that they DO come true..but i've not yet figured THAT out,,soo i don't know what i should ask for, now.

Umm..lets see,,uhhhh.mm..the next would beee.


I REALLY want to click..some more..and some more more..:D

Having a photographer in your life helps 😉 YES! it TRULY does!
I would want to go t the very basics and start..and learn the art of clicking beautiful pictures 😀
Though half of the wish ALREADY seems to be fulfilled(me blessed with a photographer for life!) 😀
STILL,,I’d want BOTH of us to go to places where no one has ever been! Discover nature, places, people.s and then in our own way click them,,interpret them 😀

This photograph, as correctly said by a friend, represents my two Loves 😛


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