This page houses some of the most random posts that I’d be posting.
Initially they were scattered and made every possible move to grab my attention but my laziness always won over *Devilish grin*

But then, the plea however got accepted in the court of justice *makes a face* AND here I am today sorting out everything that my blog possesses and NOT. All thats visible and NOT- Result- I’m up cleaning and de-sorting my blog.

Phbt! :\

I hate cleaning up and de-sorting. I’m the more messier-lazier-easy go on cleaning types. I heartly believe that there are things more important in life THAN cleaning all the ‘visible’ mess (though there are other mess in life like the having friends part, relationship mess, parental mess, study-college-submission mess..Long list!).

However, since I’m almost done up here, I hope you enjoy these and the rest..well, they’ll make for great stories, so I’ll save them for separate ‘long’ blogs!

Happy reading! 😀


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