Insomnia #3

I’m back to those nights again. I suddenly feel a broken trust and a broken heart. What could’ve led to this is something that I always keep running from..but today faced it. And I made him to face it too.

Cut to the times when I could feel him sitting next to me..The positivity felt so strong. Whats happening now is something I do not understand..though the love isn’t ending, but then the happenings are only hurtful..they’re bad and disheartening.
I dreamt him the day before. I was falling and he held me, he held me from all over, covering me with unconditional love. And I seemed to be all his..he made me feel loved. He OWNED me. I woke up smiling to his sun-lit perplexed face..and soon we were cuddling, he caressed me and we talked for a while before falling asleep over each other again.
But today, it was different. We fought. And bad that was. I weeped. And I looked into his eyes again, with mine filled till brim with water-tears. He looked away so coldly, as if it didn’t matter to him and quietly started walking. I stared back blankly, disappointed.
And suddenly it rained.
As dark and thick layers of mist started to form, I called out to you. It seemed as if you’d evaporated and then I rained on myself too- my eyes rained on me. Even with the rain drops caressing me, I could feel each tear drop roll and with every path it took, I could feel the warmth below it. That was the only warmth I got. How I wish your arms could be the warmth giving source right now.
Cut back to reality, I lost myself to the rain. I don’t know for how long I stood there weeping. All I remember is that when I woke up, I was nowhere where I’d last seen myself.


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