The other day I had to visit a cousin of mine. A walk to her place takes place around 15 minutes. A figure-concious part in me jumped at this very opportunity and commanded me to WALK and neither peddle or use whatsoever means(Those, that just by the way could get me to the destined place in flat 5 minutes!). So, not doing the drama of putting the sneakers on and tying my hair up to a ponytail, I lazily dragged my feet(and myself!) to ‘walk’.


As I hopped down the stairs, a devil cropped up in me. With counted steps and an innocent act-I spotted a cycle rickshaw and immediately ran to get it.





 I just saved myself from bumping into a motorcycle- or maybe that into me :O

I missed the rickshaw.


Gosh! Hopes were alive. I’d find another one >;)


Flat 5 minutes of forceful continuous dragging and no rickshaw.! Heck! Fate was certainly not favouring me.

Finally, though I child-like stomped real badly at the thought, I decide to walk-walk. No cheating.


I crossed the park where . I saw some children cycle around and was taken back to the times when me and bhai used to come with dad every weekend as kids to cycle and play cricket! (Oh yes I did!) A sudden gush of nostalgia-like emotion ran through me suddenly numbing each part and tickling my nose- or maybe it was the cold. I noticed how the trees had grown up- looking all tall and handsome- providing a shade that would be worth every bit during the yet-to arrive awful summers. I walked on the roads which seemed to have recently got a makeover- something that I had certainly not noticed since so long! Some of the kids seemed to have grown up so sudden! Or maybe I hadn’t had the time all this while to notice maybe.

Surprisingly, the bunch of weaver birds that I had once discovered at my cousin’s society only seemed to have doubled in number! That was a pleasant surprise 😀

What remained the same was- the market place which had grown filthier, the parlour where I used to come as a child and get my hair trimmed till the very tip of my ears, the momos wale bhaiya- his customer base had increased strikingly though AND the devil in me which (STILL!) had wanted to travel on anything other than my legs and was cursing me.

Although after I reached her place- my cousins’, I crashed on the couch only to realise that my legs had developed cramps.


And though, the devil in me vowed to not walk atleast for the coming month, the angel part smiled for the plethora of memories it got to re-live that day 🙂


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