Its funny how you can meet someone who thinks exactly like you. It isn’t funny but rather frightening, maybe? All our lives we are fed with the thoughts of meeting or coming across someone who will complete you or understand you. What if you find that someone in not your lover but a parent, a sibling, a friend or a person who you’ve never been connected to, in the actual way of connection. But then you think and feel the same. You also end up saying the same things most times. 

Love is frightening. Love is forgiving but also sticks and scars you with memories of something you might want to forget. What do you do when you find a love and understanding you’ve always somewhere yearned for, never accepted that you yearn for it, have convinced yourself it doesn’t exist but one day it is there; it is right there standing in front of you? Isn’t it scary, the notion of love? Fearless and mad are those who can accept it out loud in their hearts and stand up for it in front of the whole world.

http://Listen to Aron Wright – Everybody wants to rule the world (Grey’s anatomy 10×20) by Sama El-Gohary #np on #SoundCloud


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